Shred Events

Shred Event Organizer’s Responsibility

Organizers of the shred event are in charge of any advertising or marketing. Info Dog Security will list shred event on the IDS website and social media pages and will direct customers to contact organizers of the shred events.

It’s up to the shred event organizers if they are going to charge community members and what they want for payment to shred documents per box or bag. Standard banker box is 12” by 12” by 15” and hold 25-35 lbs. If organizers charge by the box they should advertise or state that oversized boxes will be charged accordingly.

If organizers do require payment or ask for donations it’s their responsibility to handle all payments/items.

Keep in mind that weather can be a factor so plan ahead to have awnings or tents available if you want some shelter over your main table(s). Also if it’s windy it’s the organizers and customer’s responsibility to keep documents from blowing freely before they are dumped into our shred containers and mobile shred truck.

It’s up to organizers of event if they want to limit amount of boxes per customer. Most organizers limit it to two boxes per person to keep the line moving. Info Dog Security does not allow business dumping or business owners to bring large amounts of business records. This is up to the organizer to include this notice in any promotional materials.

Please have a few volunteers at Shred Day event to keep line moving steadily.

After the event the IDS driver will make sure any loose waste is picked up around mobile shred truck but final clean- up of the Shred Event location is the responsibility of the organizer.

We ask organizers to provide one or two employees to be in charge of event and provide phone numbers including cell phone numbers to be contacted by the IDS team and be present the day of the shred event.

Shred Event Day of Event Procedures

The IDS mobile shredding truck will arrive arrives at designated Shred Day location before the start time 15 to 30 minutes early.

Community members bring their confidential documents to the Shred Day location where they will be dumped into our shred containers that are then dumped directly into our mobile shred truck to be shred. An external viewing monitor is available for customers to witness the destruction of documents.

IDS shred event staff and organizers will assist participants getting boxes from vehicles.

All documents will be shred before the IDS mobile shred truck leaves the shred event location.

No documents will be dropped off and left. Participants are responsible for staying with documents until shred.

Our mobile shred truck will shred thru paper clips, staples or rubber bands so no need for removal. Please advise participants to have sorted contents of boxes to make sure no batteries, electronics, nails, screws, tools, silverware, coins and any other hazardous items are mixed in with documents.

All shredded paper from the Shred Event becomes Info Dog Security’s property and will be completely recycled and turned back into paper products.

No Certificate of Destruction will be issued for shred event document destruction.

Cardboard boxes will not be shredded. It’s the participants or organizers responsibility to get rid of the boxes.

Prohibited Items

  • Wet or moist paper. All paper and documents must be dry.
  • Books, magazines, catalogs and newspapers
  • Film, photographs or x-rays
  • Plastic document covers, hanging files or 3-ring binders
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Prescription Bottles
  • Electronics, media, VHS tapes, cd’s, floppy discs

How to Schedule a Shred Event

For more information or to schedule a local shred event, please contact us at (712) 580-4840.

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Up Coming Shred Events

There are no shred events listed at this time, please check back later.

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